For large jobs there is no finish like it. When you look in the container of multicolor paint you can see litte bits of different colors suspended in an acrylic binder. Sprayed on the wall the colors do not recombine. Walls can appear like seamless wallpaper wth no discernable pattern.

All the multicolors we offer are spray applied water base interior wall finishes that combine visual complexity and depth. All are durable, scrub cleanable and spot repairable.

ILLUMINATIONS from Zolatone:
Highly reflective natural colorants are encapsulated and suspended in water to create a brilliant luminance.Walls are much brighter than paint so it's easier to experiment with deeper bolder colors. 243 choices in sample catalogs.

METAL from Zolatone:
Each selection is actually two colors plus metal particles suspended in a water base. A visually complex look with real depth and dimension. 43 selections from sample catalogs.

These are more subtle, from matte to satin gloss. Between two to twelve combinations in each mix are suspended in a water base. 120 selections from sample catalogs